It was a very lucky turn of events and a leap of faith that led me to working with Susan Marmot and I can honestly say, it was the best decision I ever made. Having spent over 10 years trying to deal with severe anxiety and with limited success (I tried a variety of different therapies), I was literally at my wits end and was almost at the point where I thought that there was nothing I or anyone else could do about it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Susan helped and guided me through a journey that got me to understand that the answer doesn’t lie elsewhere, it was simply understanding how the mind works that was the most insightful learning I have ever experienced and once it clicked, my life changed .

What I have come to realise is that once I got ‘the understanding’, those hard to reach states like contentment and stillness that seemed so out of reach to me before could be found, and that frightening dark room inside my head that I was locked in and spent so much of my time in, has a door that was there all the time, I was just looking in the wrong direction. I have been lucky enough to have discovered, learnt and experienced some of what ‘the understanding’ means and realise the potential such a discovery can bring and I will never look back. I would recommend Susan to anyone who is suffering as it will change their life in ways that they never thought possible.
— Annie A
My experience with Susan was life changing. Before seeing her, I experience anxiety and unconscious over-thinking. After our sessions together I gained clarity, strength, calmness, happiness, love, and understanding. The wonderful thing is that it’s all been sustainable and has effected both my work and personal relationships in the most remarkable way. The obstacles I once felt were in my way are no longer visible. I’m now able enjoy the moments each day brings, and decision making has never been easier. Susan, I am forever grateful to you for bringing me back to the essence of being. Thank you whole heartily.
— Lena D.
Working with Susan has been nothing shy of incredible! We did a one day intensive as I didn’t have time for more but Susan has managed to change my life in the hours in which she shared the Three Principles with me. She really seems to get people’s needs and gives wonderful examples of how the same issues have affected her and others. That made me not only feel as though Susan understood my worries perfectly, but gave me the assurance that it’s very common to feel the way I did, seeing that I had the understanding that my moods and feelings were influenced from the outside, rather than being my own creation. Whenever I had questions since then, Susan has always been just a chat away and her advice has just been as helpful as the times that I’ve spent with her. Understanding where our thinking and our feelings are coming from, I am now able to see people’s behavior with much more compassion and am much less likely to fall back into old behavioral patterns which I don’t find helpful any more. I hope that through Susan’s help, more people will experience this 180° shift in their lives and can enjoy it rather than feeling that it’s all just a big struggle.