The benefits of using homeopathy to manage my expressive skin has extended far beyond addressing the physical symptoms that I experience- the reason I initially turned to the therapy, with it additionally, supporting me enormously in almost all realms of my life. Working with Susan has facilitated the release of all that I have bottled up over the years, which has in turn brought space and capacity for significant personal growth. Working with her has also brought immense understanding of why my skin behaves in the way that it does, enabling me to support it better during flair ups and cope with the emotional consequences during these times.

The role that Susan has played in this journey has been integral. The safe and supportive environment she creates encourages honesty and sincerity from me during our sessions, making the process so much more efficient. She is incredibly receptive, on several different levels, being able to accurately select remedies that bring you back to you, always in the most considerate and effective way possible. She takes all of you into account, ensuring that you are strong enough to cope with the strength of remedy that she prescribes. She is incredibly supportive and accommodating, outside of the treatment room, always welcoming email contact in between appointments.
— Natalie
We first visited Susan after, my then 3 year old, had been vaccinated for swine flu which had resulted in him developing pneumonia and chronic chest infections. By working through his history, clearing his system and boosting his natural healing he very quickly became a healthy little boy. Also, having moved from overseas to London my two older children had been constantly ill as they acclimatised to all the local bacteria, weekly trips to the GP being the norm and numerous days off school. Their immune system was struggling. Since seeing Susan I can happily say we never cross the local health centre door. Not only keeping us GP (anti-biotic) free Susan has dealt with teenage angst, acne and exam nerves too.
But the true success story is my husband, very much a non-believer, who grudgingly 2 years ago visited Susan when all the other doctors and specialists could do no more for him to control the chronic muscle pains he experienced from statins, heart pills etc. Today he is on reduced medication (monitored by heart specialist), pains are no more. Even his flu jab is a thing of the past as there are no more coughs and colds.
Susan has become a major influence on keeping my family healthy through all the various events of life. With an ability to get to the core of a problem, listen with such kindness and prescribe just what is needed Susan is truly a wonderful person to have to keep you healthy both physically and mentally.
— Marie Greenwich
I was going to book an appointment with you after the course of remedies you have prescribed for Thomas, however i have decided to write to you first.
Overall Thomas is doing great. All the eczema has diminished and since we have started the remedies there are no new rashes. the old ones are gone and now he has light scars where the rashes were, but i guess those will go away with the time.
I would like to say huge Thank you :)
His well-being improved tremendously and after the several illness he had before we met you after that he was all good, he is appetite came back and he is eating a lot now :) He is also doing fine in nursery too.
— Martina for son Thomas
I would thoroughly recommend Susan. I went to see her as I was feeling defeated trying to manage an irritable bladder and I left feeling much more hopeful. It took a few appointments to find the remedies that resolved the problem but even after the first visit things began to feel much more comfortable. Susan has a holistic approach and makes you feel very supported as you talk about yourself , your body and your emotions. I appreciated the email contact between visits which enabled me to tweek my remedies as needed and gave me confidence that my physical health would improve.
Susan has been an excellent find for me. She is meticulous and easy to get on with. Her knowledge is very apparent and her experience of working in Helios gave me extra confidence in her. I have had great results from working with her. I also find her e mail support between visits invaluable and she goes the extra mile to help out.
— Aidan, London