Homeopathy for Sports Injuries – Health News

By keeping just a few homeopathic remedies in their sports-bag, athletes can have an effective way to support recovery from injury, at their fingertips.  Here’s my advice for staying in the game, instead of watching injured from the sidelines:


It’s the number one home-remedy for sports injury. It helps to reduce swelling and bruising, relieves pain, speeds up healing, and can also help the body deal process the shock that can come with injury. It’s excellent for over-exertion: take one 30c Arnica pillule immediately after a long run or a tough rugby or squash game, to aid the body’s recovery.

Rhus Tox

For the second stage of healing, this remedy is ideal for an injury such as sprains and strains, or torn ligaments where the patient is stiff on first movement, such as getting up out of a chair, but feels better for moving around and loosening up the joint.

Ruta Grav

More appropriate where the person feels better for rest rather than movement, eg, repetitive strain injuries or tennis elbow.


If you have injured any area rich in nerves (eg, fallen on your coccyx when skiing, or shut your fingers in a car door) this is the most suitable homeopathic remedy.


Known as ‘bone-knit’, this remedy can help bones to heal quickly. It is very effective, so it is vital that you ensure the bone has been set properly before taking it! (If you are unlucky enough to have broken a bone, firstly take Arnica for the shock, swelling and pain, then follow on with Symphytum.)
All the above remedies can be bought in pillule form (30c potency) from homeopathic pharmacies or from good health stores. Take twice daily for a week.

In keeping with a naturopathic approach to health, look at your nutrition, too. Eating 3 portions of oily fish per week, such as mackerel or salmon, or taking fish oils (1-2grammes daily) can help reduce inflammation. Supplementing with vitamin D has been found to decrease the likelihood of injury and help faster recovery.